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the spring rush (up to 45-60 day wait), Spring turn ons tune-ups, repairs and service work.

Spring turn ons, installations, repairs and service work.

Revamps and installations, repairs and service work.

Fall Winterization

Valve (Stop & Waste valve) Replacements Turn offs, winterizations, blowouts, revamps and installations, repairs

and service work.

Off Season and no service calls to exterior lines or systems..

Add or Move Heads On Existing Zone

We can add or move heads when necessary to provide the best coverage possible while reducing overspray on to structures or areas where the water will be wasted.

Move or Modify Location/Coverage of Existing Zone

As your landscaping changes over time so too will your sprinkler need to change to continue to meet your watering needs. Many times we are able to modify your existing sprinkler without starting over to accommodate your evolving watering needs. Saving you time and money.

Convert Manual Systems to Automatic

Even older manual systems can have a tremendous value. We don't have to start over or redesign a sprinkler to make it work automatically. The manual valves will need to be replaced with automatic control valves and we will need to install a timer (usually in a garage or in the back yard) and connect the valves to the timer with a wire. This process is generally much more cost effective than replacing the entire system. It's also a good time to tune up any minor coverage defects.

Add Drip Systems Or Convert Existing Zones to Drip Zones

A drip system can dramatically reduce water use and eliminate most water waste. We can add entire new zones for drip systems or convert existing lawn or flower bed zones to drip. Keep in mind that most spray head zones are measured in GPM (Gallons Per Minute) while most drip zones are measured in GPH (Gallons Per Hour). This means that because of the dramatically different run times, we generally recommend drip zones be dedicated to drip lines only. Combining spray heads and drip lines on the same zone in most instances creates more problems than it solves.

Full Installations Or Single Yard
(Front, Back, Side Etc.

It's true that we have specialized in repair and maintenance of lawn sprinkler systems. Much of our time is spent correcting poorly designed sprinklers. Because of this, when we install a new system we are familiar with the common problems and pitfalls other installers may overlook. We do most of our excavating by hand and preserve as much of the existing landscaping as possible. We can accommodate most residential and light commercial projects. Whether you want to start with sprinklers in the front yard, finally get around to irrigating the back or side yard or need a complete yard installation, we can help.

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