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System Turn On and Review 

Start the watering season with confidence. Let us turn on and perform a detailed review of your sprinkler, one zone at a time to check and correct coverage and locate any components that may need servicing after the winter months.

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Early bird

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the spring rush (up to 45-60 day wait), Spring turn ons tune-ups, repairs and service work.

Spring turn ons, installations, repairs and service work.

Revamps and installations, repairs and service work.

Fall Winterization

Valve (Stop & Waste valve) Replacements Turn offs, winterizations, blowouts, revamps and installations, repairs

and service work.

Off Season and no service calls to exterior lines or systems..

Automatic Control Valve Replacement

A worn out control valve can fail in a number of ways, from low zone pressure, to constantly leaking heads or entire zones sticking on. Most of the time if the valve is old or of lesser quality we will recommend replacing it to ensure reliable performance. This is one of the most common repairs we provide, as these valves are considered replacement parts (like a sparkplug on a car).

Stop and Waste Valve Replacement
(main sprinkler valve) 

Start the watering season with confidence. Let us turn on and perform a detailed review of your sprinkler, one zone at a time to check and correct coverage and locate any components that may need servicing after the winter months.

Locate and Eliminate Leaks

You may have a soggy spot developing somewhere in the yard or maybe there's no obvious leak but that water bill is creeping higher every month. Whether your leak is coming from a broken pipe, a failed valve or drain, or a broken head, we can find and repair it.

Repair and Replace Broken Heads

There are a number of different heads, nozzles and spray styles available on the market. Using the correct product when repairing and replacing damaged heads is essential to ensuring proper coverage and reducing water waste. When replacing a broken head, in most cases we will add a flexible piece of tubing called "funny pipe" between the sprinkler line and the new sprinkler head. This flexible tubing and a swing joint where it connects to the head provides some flex in the line and helps to prevent repeat breaks.

Coverage Check and Adjustment

If your coverage just isn't what it used to be or even if it's never been quite right, our highly trained technicians can identify weak spots and recommend solutions to get more uniform coverage. Often times we can improve coverage simply buy readjusting heads and cleaning or replacing any plugged or damaged nozzles.

Drip System Repairs

A properly installed and maintained drip system can be both water and cost saving. They are excellent for controlling and targeting the flow of water. We measure the output of most irrigation products like sprinkler heads in GPM or Gallons Per Minute, however with drip irrigation we measure by GPH Gallons per hour. Getting the most out of your drip system starts with understanding what products you have installed and how it is best used. We are happy to repair and modify your drip system to meet your watering needs, as well as be informative to better equip our customers who want to manage their drip systems themselves.

Drip System Repairs

A backflow preventer is an important component to the lawn sprinkler and now required in most areas. It's job is to prevent any contaminants from the yard and sprinkler from being drawn backwards into your water line. The most common problem we see with these items is freeze damage due to improper winterizing though they can fail due to normal wear and tear as well.


Properly winterizing your sprinkler is essential to prevent freeze damage and costly repairs when it's time to turn your sprinkler on in the spring. We perform a thorough review of all components that need draining and servicing when it's time to shut things down for the year. Many times the winterizing procedure is fairly simple and after a review and demonstration by one of our technicians, you will feel confident in winterizing your own sprinkler in the following years.

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